What's with the metal detectors ppl?

   Ok, We homeschool, so 90% of our day is spent at the park. Yes, it's a lovely time of year for such things. Yes, my children learn their lessons, and we have a grand time and no mess at home to clean up. Now for the past week, I've noticed something entirely odd. The metal detectors have come out in full force.

   Now I do not own a metal detector nor do I know the joys of finding an arrowhead or what have you, but are there really that many gold pieces just lying about waiting for the metal detector to find? Am I missing some huge fortune because I haven't paraded the metal detector up and down the park? Should I tell this guy, that some other weird guy just combed the park yesterday with a metal detector?

 Is this the season of the metal detector?


Tammy said...

I was trying to enter your giveaway. I can't find a place there to leave a comment. I follow you on gfc!
Nice blog!

Valeen said...

Hi! I'm trying to enter your contest too, but I can't find a place to leave the comments, so I'll leave it here and hopefully it's okay! I follow you on GFC and on Twitter @MaBaMom

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slehan said...

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We three are a persistent lot aren't we.
Thanks for the contest.