What's with the metal detectors ppl?

   Ok, We homeschool, so 90% of our day is spent at the park. Yes, it's a lovely time of year for such things. Yes, my children learn their lessons, and we have a grand time and no mess at home to clean up. Now for the past week, I've noticed something entirely odd. The metal detectors have come out in full force.

   Now I do not own a metal detector nor do I know the joys of finding an arrowhead or what have you, but are there really that many gold pieces just lying about waiting for the metal detector to find? Am I missing some huge fortune because I haven't paraded the metal detector up and down the park? Should I tell this guy, that some other weird guy just combed the park yesterday with a metal detector?

 Is this the season of the metal detector?


   So you wanna be a mystery shopper?

 There are several key things one should know before diving into the unknown world of mystery shoppers.  You must be able to read and follow directions carefully, you must be able to be inconspicuous, you must be detail-oriented and pay attention to the small stuff and you must have the technological devices that the company needs you to have as they will not provide anything but paperwork and sometimes more paperwork.

 Now I usually only mystery shop for several local stores that I always go to. I will not take weird off the wall kinda place. They know me by name. So since I'm going to go and shop anyways, I might as well pay attention to some basic things and get paid to do it. It wasn't magic or rocket science that led me to be a mystery shopper, it was just a little basic curiosity to know IF I could do it and how I would go about doing it. I had worked for several chain stores and one in particular was always very concerned about the "mystery shoppers" and I thought boy wouldn't I like THAT job!! Paid to shop! Sounds marvelous, right?

    SO off to the Internet I went in search of TRUE MYSTERY SHOPPING COMPANIES.

  Now I'm going to clue you in on the real truth of mystery shopping. You usually only make $5-$10 a shop for legitimate companies ie. Kroger, Wal mart, Mc Donald's etc...and if your really lucky they will also reimburse you for the one thing they asked you to buy. So honestly, your not going to make a living in mystery shopping no matter what you've heard.

 You WILL NEVER PAY A COMPANY! If a company is advertising mystery shops buy wants you to "buy" in on the deal to do it... your about to be had. NO LEGITIMATE COMPANY WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY, however they may ask you to fill out a job application. To become a mystery shopper for Kroger, I had to fill out about ten pieces of paper and fax them back to the company. I kid you not, I think they asked for my blood type.

So if your still interested after everything I've told you, then go research, research and research and mystery shop til your hearts content